− a community where you can save money for your business

20 nov − a community where you can save money for your business

The (“SME savings”) community is being launched at a time when savings initiatives and cost reductions are vital to the success of any company, business or SME. It offers buyers from all sectors expert advice on procurement and the technology needed to allow them to reach the best agreements and economies of scale in their contracting, generating cost reductions for their company.


Pymesahorro is being presented to the market as a “professional procurement community”, where buyers will find:

  • Prices already negotiated by specialists based on the community’s procurement volumes.
  • An online negotiations assistant that guides buyers through those categories that must be negotiated separately.
  • Occasional special-price offers that suppliers present to buyers in the community.
  • Online support from procurement experts in resolving doubts when contracting a service.
  • Information of interest for each category and sector.

If you have ever wondered whether there are options for reducing costs and finding the ideal suppliers, we recommend that you join this new community.

Pymesahorro is beginning its activity by offering companies, SMEs and businesses the best conditions on services as diverse as couriers, security, translation, office supplies, vehicle hire and many others that will help your company to reduce its running costs.