Machine translation post-editing

The linguistic services that we offer will help you to transfer your communications another language to a high standard of quality, rigour, security and professionalism.

Machine translation technology is improving considerably and its use is becoming more and more widespread, although post-editing is still necessary. Our machine translation and post-editing process guarantees a top quality result, while saving time and money.

The linguistic services we offer will help you transfer your communication requirements to another language with the highest level of quality, rigour, security and professionalism.

Neural machine translation has advanced considerably in recent years. The use of machine translation is becoming more and more widespread and, in many environments, with proper post-editing, the highest-quality professional translations are achieved with shorter turnaround times and lower costs than with traditional translation processes.

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We are proud to have successfully taken part in important projects incorporating automatic translation technology for the Spanish state. For over 15 years, newspapers have been published using automatic translation and public bodies have translated documents using Lucy Software.


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