2021 Yearly assessment

We have reached the final weeks of a year that, like the previous one, has been marked by the Covid-19 pandemic. We cannot forget all those people who are no longer with due to the consequences of this tough disease. Nor do we forget all those who, after suffering from it, have been left with adverse effects that mean they are still far from recovering their previous physical and psychological condition.

This year we have successfully consolidated the teleworking formula. A formula that is not new to us, as we had already incorporated it into our organization, since many of our workers were already working from home months before the beginning of the Covid crisis. We have now extended and regulated this formula and we can say that the level of acceptance among our workers has been very high, and we believe that with this we have made a decisive contribution towards increasing our workers’ quality of life and, in particular, we have made it even easier to balance work and family life.

As far as our strictly professional work is concerned, we have continued to carry out our professional translation and proofreading activities as usual, with a special mention of our post-editing and proofreading services for journalistic content, marketing and customisation of automatic translation systems, translation and document proofreading, etc. The list of sectors in which we work include written press, digital press, public administration, banking, insurance, universities, publishing houses, advertising, communication, distribution, electronic sales, etc.

This year, despite the pandemic, our turnover has increased significantly, which is extremely satisfying as we understand that this detail is an undoubtable indicator that our customers are very satisfied with the quality levels of our services. This indicator motivates us even more to continue doing our work with the utmost professionalism and rigour.

To conclude, I would just like to give you some figures about the work performed during the year

  • More than 14 million words translated or proofread in up to 15 language combinations.
  • Nearly 55 million postedited words for newspapers (digital and paper-based).
  • 90 clients satisfied with our work (of which 33% of clients are new this year).
  • 99% compliance with deadlines.

Finally, I would like to wish all the members of the large Incyta family a very happy holiday season and let’s hope that next year will truly see the end of the pandemic. Thank you all very much for your confidence and we hope to continue counting on your support in the future.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Ignasi Navarro

Managing Director of Incyta Multilanguage, SL